French Revival Project: Antique Fireplace

There are so many beautiful features that can be found throughout our French Revival Project, and we really do just adore them all! When this whole exquisite project began, we were immediately impressed with our amazing clients and the passion they had for their soon-to-be home. They've always known exactly what they want, and incorporating actual French elements was a must!

These "real-life" French elements just happen to be some of our favorite details found throughout the home. Two antique fireplaces serve as beautiful focal points, one in the main living area and the other in the master bedroom. While both fireplaces are absolutely gorgeous and unique in their own right, the detail of the fireplace in the main living area is just fantastic!

We thoroughly enjoyed watching the whole thing be pieced together over the course of several days and thought it would be fun to share with you too. Take a look below:


The antique fireplace was shipped directly from France in several pieces, each of which were in their own large crate. To say the least, this grand fireplace is heavy!


Here you can see the individual pieces and how it all started to come together. The detail really is unbelievable, and it adds character that simply cannot be manufactured today. 


With every piece of the puzzle in place, the fireplace now appears to be complete! However, there is at least one more step before it can be considered finished . . .


With everything finally pieced together, it was time to add the firebrick! The firebrick was carefully installed in the back of the fireplace in a lovely herringbone pattern and looks just as impressive as we'd hoped. To put it simply, we are in awe of the finished product! 

If you are like us and just can't get enough when it comes to the progress of our fun French Revival project, check back for some more updates soon!