5 Simple Tips for Adding Accessories

When it comes to interior decorating and design, accessories are what make a space truly feel like a home. They provide plenty of eye candy with their various colors and textures, and the best part is that creating a whole new look is easy to accomplish. Over the years we've learned a few tips and tricks for creating a nice aesthetic balance when it comes to using accessories. It's really a very simple concept and we are happy to share what we've learned!

Photo courtesy  Country Girl Home

Photo courtesy Country Girl Home

1. More Isn't Always Better

While you can run out to any home goods store and load up on accessories, keep in mind that you can overdo it. It’s common to feel like you need more than is actually necessary, but this leads to less quality pieces that don't mean a whole lot in the scheme of things. Having fewer pieces that you really love is a great way to make a statement when it comes to decorating your home.   

Photo courtesy Hand Made Mood

Photo courtesy Hand Made Mood

2. Grouping Goes a Long Way

Wondering what to put in that space? Whether the area you are working with is big or small, grouping or layering accessories is an easy way fill a void no matter the size of the space. It’s best to start with a single large piece and then fill in the space with some medium- and small-sized items for balance.   

Photo courtesy  www.homedit.com

Photo courtesy www.homedit.com

3.  Asymmetrical is Interesting

Even as children, we are taught that perfectly symmetrical things are beautiful. And while we can't argue that in the slightest, when it comes to interior design, having everything symmetrical can feel, well, a little boring. Asymmetrically arranged accessories provide a more unexpected option that really draws the eye.

Photo courtesy  Bria Hammel Interiors

Photo courtesy Bria Hammel Interiors

4. Colors and Textures Add New Life

One of the easiest ways to freshen up your décor is to bring in new colors and textures. Having neutral furniture pieces and fixtures provide a blank canvas when it comes to adding pops of colors as well as various textures. Both are easy to add and provide enough contrast to make things interesting.

5. Love It or Leave It

Finally, we touched on this in #1, but it worth another mention. Don't feel like you need to buy accessories just because it seems like the right thing to do. Take the time to find pieces that have meaning for you and your family—things that you truly love and will enjoy. If you find yourself questioning if you should grab an accessory just because the price is right, it may be better to just keep looking!