5 Simple Tips for Adding Accessories

When it comes to interior decorating and design, accessories are what make a space truly feel like a home. They provide plenty of eye candy with their various colors and textures, and the best part is that creating a whole new look is easy to accomplish. Over the years we've learned a few tips and tricks for creating a nice aesthetic balance when it comes to using accessories. It's really a very simple concept and we are happy to share what we've learned!

 Photo courtesy  Country Girl Home

Photo courtesy Country Girl Home

1. More Isn't Always Better

While you can run out to any home goods store and load up on accessories, keep in mind that you can overdo it. It’s common to feel like you need more than is actually necessary, but this leads to less quality pieces that don't mean a whole lot in the scheme of things. Having fewer pieces that you really love is a great way to make a statement when it comes to decorating your home.   

 Photo courtesy Hand Made Mood

Photo courtesy Hand Made Mood

2. Grouping Goes a Long Way

Wondering what to put in that space? Whether the area you are working with is big or small, grouping or layering accessories is an easy way fill a void no matter the size of the space. It’s best to start with a single large piece and then fill in the space with some medium- and small-sized items for balance.   

 Photo courtesy  www.homedit.com

Photo courtesy www.homedit.com

3.  Asymmetrical is Interesting

Even as children, we are taught that perfectly symmetrical things are beautiful. And while we can't argue that in the slightest, when it comes to interior design, having everything symmetrical can feel, well, a little boring. Asymmetrically arranged accessories provide a more unexpected option that really draws the eye.

 Photo courtesy  Bria Hammel Interiors

Photo courtesy Bria Hammel Interiors

4. Colors and Textures Add New Life

One of the easiest ways to freshen up your décor is to bring in new colors and textures. Having neutral furniture pieces and fixtures provide a blank canvas when it comes to adding pops of colors as well as various textures. Both are easy to add and provide enough contrast to make things interesting.

5. Love It or Leave It

Finally, we touched on this in #1, but it worth another mention. Don't feel like you need to buy accessories just because it seems like the right thing to do. Take the time to find pieces that have meaning for you and your family—things that you truly love and will enjoy. If you find yourself questioning if you should grab an accessory just because the price is right, it may be better to just keep looking! 

French Revival Project: Antique Fireplace

There are so many beautiful features that can be found throughout our French Revival Project, and we really do just adore them all! When this whole exquisite project began, we were immediately impressed with our amazing clients and the passion they had for their soon-to-be home. They've always known exactly what they want, and incorporating actual French elements was a must!

These "real-life" French elements just happen to be some of our favorite details found throughout the home. Two antique fireplaces serve as beautiful focal points, one in the main living area and the other in the master bedroom. While both fireplaces are absolutely gorgeous and unique in their own right, the detail of the fireplace in the main living area is just fantastic!

We thoroughly enjoyed watching the whole thing be pieced together over the course of several days and thought it would be fun to share with you too. Take a look below:


The antique fireplace was shipped directly from France in several pieces, each of which were in their own large crate. To say the least, this grand fireplace is heavy!


Here you can see the individual pieces and how it all started to come together. The detail really is unbelievable, and it adds character that simply cannot be manufactured today. 


With every piece of the puzzle in place, the fireplace now appears to be complete! However, there is at least one more step before it can be considered finished . . .


With everything finally pieced together, it was time to add the firebrick! The firebrick was carefully installed in the back of the fireplace in a lovely herringbone pattern and looks just as impressive as we'd hoped. To put it simply, we are in awe of the finished product! 

If you are like us and just can't get enough when it comes to the progress of our fun French Revival project, check back for some more updates soon! 

Spring Refresh: Incorporating Pink

We love springtime and all the many colors it ushers in. However, we can't help but be partial to pink and all its various shades—but our current favorite is blush! There's just something about the soft pastel that instills a feeling of cheeriness wherever you go. Today we thought we'd share some ideas on incorporating a little pink into your day while giving your home a little spring update!  

 Photo courtesy  Laura U Interior Design

Adding some pink to your bedroom is as easy as picking up some new throw pillows or even getting a vase of fresh flowers. We think this blush pink pillow is the perfect pop of color for spring in this otherwise neutral bedroom.

 Photo courtesy  Style Motivation

Photo courtesy Style Motivation

Adding new bedding for spring is so easy, and a great way to incorporate pink seasonally. This beautiful duvet is just the right shade and pairs perfectly with the grey tones of this darling bedroom. And honestly, we can't get over how perfect it looks with the copper lighting and fun nightstand! 

 Photo courtesy  Shop House Design

Photo courtesy Shop House Design

There's definitely a place for pink in every room, and this gorgeous living room is the perfect example! These blush drapes are heavenly and add just the right touch of pink without feeling overwhelming.  

 Photo courtesy  VKV Visuals

Photo courtesy VKV Visuals

And if you want pink that's a little more permanent, try adding some furniture like this adorable sofa. The perfect addition to any room, we love its sleek shape and soft color!

 Photo courtesy  Mix and Chic

Photo courtesy Mix and Chic

We are drawn to this vibrant living room and it's perfect pink lamp! Lamps are often an afterthought, but really shouldn't be overlooked as they are a great way to incorporate color. And finally, the single pink pillow and pink blooms really balance everything out in this sweet space. 

 Photo courtesy  Jill Sorensen

Photo courtesy Jill Sorensen

And finally, painting pink accents can be really fun too! This front door really caught our eye as it is the perfect shade. Whether you want pink walls, doors, or even cabinetry, when paired with blue we think it's a win-win combination!


Picking Your Perfect Pattern

When it comes to interior design, colors and textures are everything! Because there are so many different prints and patterns to choose from, we know that finding what works can sometimes be more frustrating than fun. So, what are the tricks of picking the perfect pattern for your space? Whether you choose stripe, floral, houndstooth, buffalo check, animal print, or motif, it's ultimately up to you and your style.

To help you feel less stressed, we decided to share some of our favorite ways to incorporate prints and patterns that will keep your next design project looking fresh and feeling balanced!

 Photo courtesy  Hymns and Verses

Photo courtesy Hymns and Verses

One of the more trendy patterns out there right now is the classic buffalo check, and we can see why! This darling pattern is the perfect accent to any room, and it pairs well with other prints too. It can obviously be found in a variety of colors, but we are really loving the neutrality of the black and white version with these fun bright pink floral pillows. 

 Photo courtesy  www.lushome.com

Photo courtesy www.lushome.com

Stripes are one pattern we can guarantee will never go out of style! Too many stripes can overwhelm a space, so we suggest using them in moderation. This sweet and cozy daybed with white linens and throw pillows in various stripe sizes is the perfect combination in our book. And not to mention, the coordinating striped rug really brings it all together! 

 Photo courtesy Ali Express

Photo courtesy Ali Express

Florals are always a favorite, and whether you choose floral bedding, artwork, drapes, or throw pillows, you can't go wrong! Big and bold floral prints are typically better suited for large spaces, and smaller, more delicate patterns for small spaces. However, if you are looking to make a statement, bring in the large print no matter what size space it's going in!

 Photo courtesy  Interiorholic

Photo courtesy Interiorholic

Houndstooth always seems to give off a more traditional vibe and is definitely another classic print, but one that can be used in a variety of ways. The scale of the pattern can be small or large, and both are perfect when used for accent pieces like this gorgeous chair. Keep in mind that if you are looking for a more neutral tone, stick to the smaller scale print. If you are looking for bright and beautiful, try a larger scale print. 

 Photo courtesy  Beautiful Habitat

Photo courtesy Beautiful Habitat

Finally, if you are feeling adventurous, try mixing your favorite patterns! This room is bright and bold, and the perfect example of total balance when it comes to mixing patterns. Pairing a floral chair and drapes with, geometric walls and animal print may sound like a disaster, but it looks stunning together when coordinating or complimentary colors are used.

Now, what pattern or print are you always drawn too? We shared our favorites, now you share yours and comment below!  


French Revival Project: Time for the Turrets

What exactly is a turret? Simply put, a turret is a small tower that projects from a building or structure. We know you are probably thinking "Do they mean a castle?" The answer is yes! Turrets were originally used on medieval castles to provide the inhabitants with a good defensive position should the need arise. As military defenses became less necessary, turrets were created for decorative purposes like the ones we see on homes today. 

Our French Revival Project has several turrets in various sizes, but today we thought we'd share about the largest one and how it all came together.

Front Entrance.jpg

We love all the curves and arches that are interspersed throughout the home, but just beyond this amazing covered front entrance is one of our favorite details—a turret that is both commanding and lovely. 


The perfectly curved walls are nothing short of beautiful in our opinion! This extra-large turret was built on a platform in front of the home as "bending" the wood is a more complicated type of framework. The hours spent getting it just right was well worth the effort! 

Moving Turret.jpg

Moving day! Now with a roof, the turret is ready to be placed. A handful of workers spent several hours carefully moving the bulky framed piece, finishing just before sundown . . . 

Turret in Place.jpg

We had just enough time to take a shot before the light disappeared altogether. It turned out just as we had imagined—if not better—and looks perfect nestled in next to the grand front entrance. 

Turret Underneath.jpg

And, if you were wondering, this is what the turret looks like from the inside! All that framework and the time and effort that was put into it really takes our breath away.

Front Elevation.JPG

And finally, here's a first look at the front elevation of this fabulous home. It really is a gorgeous and unique project that we are so happy to be working on. As we've said before, we really do have the best clients in the world!


Spring Tablescapes

Spring is in full swing and we can't wait to share some of our favorite tablescapes for Easter! We are currently loving the idea of "less is more," and have found some simple yet elegant options that would be easy to recreate. If you are getting ready for a big Easter celebration this weekend or any fun family event this spring, we hope you find some inspiration here!

 Photo courtesy  Small Wood Home

Photo courtesy Small Wood Home

Hydrangeas are always our favorite, and this darling tablescape from Small Wood Home really caught our eye. You can never go wrong with fresh flowers as a centerpiece, and the layered blue and white dishes topped with a sweet porcelain bunny are perfect for spring!

 Photo courtesy  Setting for Four

Photo courtesy Setting for Four

Pink is always prominent in the spring, and we love this combination of blue glass with pink blooms. This simple centerpiece really adds a pop of color against the soft white table runner and place mats. And not to be overlooked are the fabulous speckled paper mache eggs, which we think add the perfect touch!

 Photo courtesy  Jenny Steffens

Photo courtesy Jenny Steffens

Colorful farm fresh eggs have a dual purpose here and create a beautiful Easter centerpiece paired with some of the happiest daffodils we've ever seen. We love the simple white linens topped with a single flower and the simplicity of each table setting. 

 Photo courtesy  On Sutton Place

Photo courtesy On Sutton Place

You all know we've been loving blue, and this pretty place setting is no exception. The woven charger is the perfect base to the blue and white dishes, and the blue linen tied with a fun decorative tag creates just the right look for a simple Easter table.

 Photo courtesy  Julie Blanner

Photo courtesy Julie Blanner

Keeping everything neutral is never a bad thing, but for spring adding a pop of color is always nice! This single cherry blossom is sweet and simple, and it looks absolutely darling in this classic porcelain egg cup, adding just the right hint of pink.  

 Photo courtesy  Boxwood Clippings

Photo courtesy Boxwood Clippings

And finally, these little birds' nests are always fun, and filling them with chocolate eggs make them the perfect spring detail that doubles as a sweet treat.

Now, to wrap things up, our best suggestion when it comes to putting together your spring tablescapes is to take advantage of all things fresh. When using fresh flowers, grasses, sprigs, and branches, you can never go wrong! 

On Trend with Jewel Tones

If you haven't yet heard, jewel tones are the big thing for 2018 when it comes to interior design and décor. Jewel tones are deep and rich, typically with a high level of color saturation, and closely resemble your favorite precious or semi-precious gemstones. They are distinctive and stunning!

We are currently in love with jewel tones, and we are guessing you are too! For fun, we thought we'd share a few of our favorite looks when it comes to these sumptuous colors!

 Image courtesy  Architectural Digest

Image courtesy Architectural Digest

Earlier this year, Pantone named Ultra Violet as 2018's "Color of the Year." This luxurious purple is the perfect example of the jewel tones we've been talking about! Whether you want to paint your walls or add a splash of color with a fun piece of furniture, this is an amazing option. 

 Photo courtesy  Sherwin Williams

Photo courtesy Sherwin Williams

And while we are talking color of the year, we might as well mention Sherwin Williams' choice for 2018 as well. This beautiful blue-green shade is called Oceanside, and it's fabulous! We love how warm it makes a room feel when paired with gold accessories and white accents.  

 Photo courtesy  Greige Design

Photo courtesy Greige Design

Who doesn't love a red door? This was too cute not to share. We love this ruby-toned pop of color! While this is so fun on a front door, we love the idea doing red on an interior door too! 

 Photo courtesy The French Bedroom Company

Photo courtesy The French Bedroom Company

And finally, let's talk emerald! This deep green is so vibrant and looks fabulous paired with crisp white bedding and offers the perfect splash of color. Not to mention, the fabulous blanket is velvet, so this whole room is a win-win in our books!

Now, what colors do you picture when you hear the phrase jewel tones? What ones are your favorites? We'd love to hear in the comments below . . .   

French Revival Project: Starting to Take Shape

Our last French Revival Project post left off with the first wall being placed, so this week we thought we'd share more of the framework going up and how this fabulous home really started taking shape.

Asay walls.jpg

More walls going in and rooms being created! Notice the columns ready and waiting to do their job? While we travel to the building site often to check on the progress, we are always amazed and excited about each new bit of framework that totally defines what was once an empty space.

Asay Front Entrane.jpg

One of our favorite architectural elements include these majestic high peaks, solid square columns, and what will eventually be a custom-made double iron door. The front entrance of this dreamy French home will be nothing short of grand.

Asay beams.jpg

These massive beams were artistically created by the homeowner and then incorporated into the design of our French Revival Project. They are both bold and beautiful, and they make the perfect statement in this soon-to-be gorgeous and spacious gathering place.

Asay Garage.jpg

And finally, the extra large garage is now fully framed and looking fabulous! The dramatic roof-line and curved dormers offer the perfect aesthetic view. Additionally, the arched garage entrances add just enough charm to keep it all balanced and interesting.

Next week we'll share some of the fun and unique details that will be part of French Revival, so don't forget to check back soon!